“Ex-gay” proponent forced to resign after lobbying to imprison gay Jamaicans

It seems the anti-gay camp is beating up itself.

While Rev. Garth, the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society and WIRED enjoy their 15 minutes of fame in the press and their plan in their “costly fight against gays” the ones they dragged into their pro-criminalisation agenda have now begun to realise the damage.

Not only does Exodus International have to now repair its already fragile reputation after one of their staff members went to Uganda to promote a bill that would result in the murder of thousands or homosexuals(it took them 15 months to undo this damage) but they now they have to repair it for those who once again want to drag them into a pro-criminalisation agenda that took place in Jamaica.

Dennis Jernigan, who was brought to Jamaica by WIRED, had to resign yesterday after statements he made in the Jamaican media while representing his organisation conflicted with his organisation’s OFFICIAL policy.

Dennis Jernigan speaking to the Observer to promote the pro-criminalisation agenda in Jamaica recently:

How the anti-gay lobbyists “succeeded” when Dennis Jernigan was brought to our shores and was “thrusted” into the media:
1) Embarrassed Exodus International which had to quickly release a new policy statement regarding the criminalisation of homosexuality.
2) Drove Dennis Jernigan to get into trouble with his employers which led him to lose his job.
3) Rev. Garth made a fool of himself by promoting a satirical article called “The Gay Revolutionary” (which he re-branded “The Gay Manifesto” for his agenda) which no one bought into. Went on to make ignorant statements on television that the state coming into your bedroom to charge you for buggery is “a myth” amidst recent evidence of this happening.
4) Made “10 affirmations” showing the church’s obsession with homosexuality where 8 out of 10 of these “affirmations” spoke mostly about homosexuality.
5) Apart from resulting in no “gay conversions” became a laughing stock among the LGBT movement with desperate tactics such the made up “evil gay manifesto” conspiracy theory, spending on “costly fight against gays” while nation’s children starve and are being abused, ignorance about the buggery law, hypocritically supporting common law marriage while attacking same-sex marriage and finally made the LGBT movement stronger as we are now aware that the anti-gay American tactics have reached Jamaica and can prepare since the tactics havn’t changed for the past 25 years.

Exodus International which describes itself on its website as “ The largest worldwide ministry to those struggling with same-sex attraction seeking to live a life that reflects the Christian faith” made a press release yesterday to give more details into Dennis Jernigan’s “thrust” into the Jamaican media.(You can contact Chris Stump from Exodus International at |             321-279-8965       to verify this if you so wish). See below:

Orlando, Fla—Exodus International, the oldest and largest Christian ministry dealing with homosexuality, released a new policy statement on the criminalization of homosexuality. While the ministry has long held this perspective, they felt compelled to release a written statement in light of Exodus Board Vice Chairman, Dennis Jernigan’s, comments to the media in Kingston, Jamaica.  Exodus board member, Don Schmierer, experienced a similar collision with the media on a trip to Uganda in 2009. “Dennis Jernigan recently traveled to Jamaica to share his testimony and lead worship at a number of venues,” said Alan Chambers, President of Exodus. “While there he was thrust into a media firestorm and asked to comment on President Obama’s threat to issue sanctions against Jamaica for their laws concerning the criminalization of homosexuality.
“Dennis shared his belief that President Obama is deceived about homosexual behavior and the biblical morality of it. Dennis assured me he is not for the criminalization of homosexuality, and he will release his own statement on this matter. However, Jernigan offered this immediate response ”:
I believe my heart and intent were misconstrued and therefore, may have harmed Exodus’ mission of ministering to those struggling with same-sex attraction (SSA). To that end, as of this moment, I step down as Vice Chairman of Exodus.”
Here is an excerpt of the Exodus policy statement, also supported by its Board of Directors.
We will not support any legislation that deprives others of life and dignity based on their sexual orientation or the expression of such within the confines of a consensual adult relationship.  Finally, we stand with the LGBT community both in spirit, and when necessary, legally and physically, when violence rears it’s head in Uganda, Jamaica or anywhere else in the world.
Chambers is working with the Exodus International Board and staff to craft strong statements, policies and procedures that will ensure their position on life-impacting issues such as this one.
“It is our resolution that unfortunate incidents like this do not happen again in the future,” said Chambers. “As president of Exodus International I take full responsibility for any board member, staff member or ministry affiliate’s ignorance of global issues, especially as they travel. I will make it a priority to keep all who are professionally affiliated with Exodus apprised of the nations where legislative initiatives or laws clearly violate our policy opposing criminalization of homosexuality.  We will also craft a policy for our ministry that prohibits our involvement with groups and nations that violate our policies.

Policies and statements by Exodus International and its executive director that Dennis Jernigan was “thrusted” into the media by special interest groups to violate while representing his organisation:


Statements about “becoming heterosexual”:
For a long time the gay community has argued that it is impossible to simply stop being gay, and some of them have told Jernigan so to his face. But he has insisted his transformation is real and that God has given him the strength to become heterosexual, to the point where he got married and fathered nine children with his wife, Melinda, to whom he remains a devoted, faithful and loving husband.—Evangelist-tells-his-story

“Becoming heterosexual” conflicts with Alan Chambers, Exodus’s executive director’s statements that 99% have not experienced a change in their orientation:
The majority of people that I have met, and I would say the majority meaning 99.9% of them have not experienced a change in their orientation or have gotten to a place where they could say that they could  never be tempted or are not tempted in some way or experience some level of same-sex attraction.


Supporting criminalisation of homosexuality: 

this is when I first realized what I had been thrust into! In a boardroom with about 30 editorial staff members and reporters, I discovered that the Prime Minister of Jamaica was receiving pressure from our president and the prime minister of Great Britain to change the anti-sodomy laws of Jamaica … or risk losing financial support. That is when I knew why I was there.”

[from his May 29th blog post he removed. Can be found on this website:

Exodus’s policy against criminalisation of homosexuality:
As such, Exodus International has not supported and will not support any legislation that deprives others of life and dignity based on their sexual orientation or the expression of such within the confines of a consensual adult relationship. Finally, we stand with the LGBT community both in spirit, and when necessary, legally and physically, when violence rears its head in Uganda, Jamaica or anywhere else in the world.

Thrusted into political debate when his intention was to share his music:
When the vice-chairman of Exodus International left his home in Muskogee, Oklahoma for Jamaica a few weeks ago, intending to share his music in Christian concerts and in ministry, he had no idea that homosexuality was a hot-button issue here. When he found himself in the middle of a huge debate about homosexuality and gay marriage he said he questioned why God had led him to this country at this particular time.—Evangelist-tells-his-story

Exodus is not a political organisation:
Exodus takes no position on policies or politics.

Talks about Exodus supporting “gay conversion”:
Dennis Jernigan is vice-chairman of the board of directors of Exodus International, a group that calls itself the largest ministry for homosexuals in the world and which specialises in so-called ‘gay conversion’.—Evangelist-tells-his-story

Exodus’s policy regarding gay conversion therapies promoted by WIRED, a group that actively promotes “conversion therapy” in the media, who brought Dennis Jernigan to our shores:
Exodus is not a reparative therapy or conversion therapy organisation. we do not endorse or employ Reparative or Conversion Therapies with the Exodus International Network.”

” As an organization, we do not subscribe to therapies that make changing sexual orientation a main focus or goal.


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