Observer’s anti-gay propaganda machinery

According to a recent interview of assistant police commissioner, Les Green, Jamaicans are tolerant of gays because most murders against gays are committed by other gays.

At Anti-gay Fact Check(AGFC) we are committed to exposing anti-gay misinformation, lies and agenda. The link for the article is below.

Gay lobby claims not true–says-Green

The Observer assumes that because what they call “cross dressers” were not attacked at this Fashion Week event, probably because people thought they were women, Jamaica is not an intolerant homophobic society


According to the Observer “His pronouncement came just weeks after gay lobby group Jamaica Forum For Lesbians All-sexuals and Gays (JFLAG) suggested that two men killed in the New Kingston area were slain because of their sexual preference

Is this true? Did J-FLAG suggest that the two men were slain because of their so called “sexual preference”.

After the murders, J-FLAG released a press release which the Observer published. Dane lewis, the executive director, wrote:

While the motive for these latest senseless killings remains unclear, we expect that the government and police will thoroughly investigate all crimes, thereby mitigating their impact on all Jamaicans, regardless of socio-economic status, disability, health status, sexual orientation or gender identity. We stand ready to partner with the police to bring justice and respect to those whose right to life has been violated.”

Read more:

Why is the Observer still a credible news source if they cannot read and understand what they publish?


The Observer is pushing the idea that because gays survive after they are attacked and few murders are reported to the police that Jamaica is not an intolerant homophobic society.

Last month CVM News, the only media house that reports constantly on anti-gay attacks and is committed to truth like AGFC, reported on a man who was attacked in the streets of Mandeville because he was alleged to be gay.

Because the gay man in the video below did not die after being attacked, Les green, the Observer and other anti-gay activists say that Jamaica is not a violently homophobic society.

CVM also reported on a mob attack on a house in Jones Town where some gay men were staying. One woman in the video was confused as to why the police were rescuing the gays while another man complained that his tax dollars were being used to transport gays to safety. Apparently gays are not tax paying citizens too.

Because the gay men who were attacked in the video were saved from the angry mob by the police they did not die. Since the police came and rescued them it is said by Les Green, The Observer and other anti-gay activists that Jamaica is “tolerant of homosexuals” despite the fact that the attack was carried out in the first place.

N.B. Report in video starts at “3:15”.


Les Green says that Jamaica is not anti-gay because there are many gays who “live and work freely in Jamaica” and when he worked closely with J-FLAG the majority of murders were domestic disputes or gays attacking other gays.

It’s just the hype from some who claim Jamaica is very anti-homosexual, but the reality is far from that. There are many homosexuals who live and work freely in Jamaica,” he said.Green explained that as a homicide investigator he worked closely with the gay lobby group which referred him to several incidents in which members of their community were murdered.However, the former Scotland Yard detective said his findings show that the majority of gay killings are carried out by members of the gay community.“All of those murders that I have investigated have been in relationships and are victims of gay attacks, domestic situations,” he said.

Read more:–says-Green#ixzz20HT4c596

Do all gays have the opportunity to “live and work freely in Jamaica” as Les Greens says?

Report in the Jamaica Star today about so called “cross dressers” who cannot return to their homes and communities after being detained by the police and exposed by the media. This is the “tolerance of homosexuality” which Jamaicans extend to gays:


At least two of the over 70 cross-dressers detained in Saturday morning’s raid on a nightclub on the St Ann/Trelawny border might not be able to return to their inner-city homes in Montego Bay.”

“”Dem caa come back yah, yuh mad? Come back weh? an obviously angry thug from one of the inner-city communities in Montego Bay told The Star. “This is not an aquarium. This is a proud ghetto community.”

“”Yuh have one weh did always look like a pretty bwoy but we never too deh pree him. But, mi nuh think him can come round here again,” he said.

Did Les Green or The Observer ever question the possibility that crime statistics are not reliable because most anti-gay attacks might not be reported to the police? Did they take into account the reluctance of police officers to report homophobic crimes because of their personal homophobic attitudes?


Despite all that J-FLAG has acknowledged progress as it relates to tolerance. In their press release they noted:

“Thirteen years ago there were more dancehall and reggae artistes singing homophobic songs, more persons right to life was being violated because of their sexual orientation, the Commissioner of Police would never instruct police officers to respect the rights of all civilians, regardless of their sexual preference, political representatives would never meet with us and publicly support LGBT rights, the media would never openly advocate the repeal of the buggery law, and HIV programmes were not catering to the needs of gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM). Today, 7% of HIV/AIDS organisations in Jamaica are working with MSM, more and more research is being done on homosexuality and homophobia in Jamaica, there are social and entertainment spaces that are friendly and for LGBT people and there are more than five LGBT focussed organisations and many support groups across the island.”

However, is it enough progress to call Jamaica a “tolerant and accepting society” as it relates to gays and lesbians?


2 responses to “Observer’s anti-gay propaganda machinery”

  1. Melissa says :

    Considering Jamaica’s history on homosexuality and tolerance, I’ll have to say that I’ve seen some level of improvement within the culture. May not represent the majority, but there are heterosexual citizens in Jamaica, that work alongside the JFLAG community in promoting tolerance of homosexuals and their lifestyle and even lobby for the rights of gay to be recognize as basic human rights.

    It did not take 1 day to build Rome, therefore seeing a significant change in the behavior of Jamaicans toward gays will not happened overnight, or as rapidly as it is in some liberal states around the world. In time, this gay vs. straight issue will simmer down and will be viewed more as a norm just like the black vs white controversy that has always exist in society.

    • antigayfactcheckbulletin says :

      True AGFC agrees and so does JFLAG where they acknowledged growing acceptance while they were shown on tv. However, is it at the stage where Jamaica can be said to be a “tolerant society as it relates to gays and lesbians as yet?

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