Betty-Ann Blaine happens to be one of the anti-gay activists that AGFC keeps a close eye on.

We have documented her comparing the LGBT rights movement to former slave masters planning how to divide the planet to enslave people.

As usual, we at AGFC are committed to exposing the  anti-gay lobby’s  misinformation, lies and agenda and as such we have decided to do a rebuttal of her article published today entitled “The big gay lie”.

Her article:

Her quotes are in red and AGFC’s are in black.


The report in the July 8 Sunday Observer in which outgoing Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green spoke openly about gay-on-gay crime in Jamaica, is not only timely but also important, given the orchestrated campaign against Jamaica. And when Les Green speaks people liste. If there is a single police officer whose name has become publicly synonymous with integrity and truth-speaking, that police officer is Les Green. That is not to say that there aren’t many more like Les Green in the Force. The fact is, however, that Les Green became the face of anti-corruption within the JCF, earning him the respect and admiration inside and outside of the police force.

Betty-Ann uses a common fallacy here known as Argument from authority or ” argumentum ad verecundiam”. This is an argument which assumes that because someone of authority says something it is automatic truth.

The strength of this argument depends upon two factors:

  1. The authority is a legitimate expert on the subject.
  2. A consensus exists among legitimate experts on the matter under discussion.
While Les Green might be a legitimate expert on the subject, since he worked in the police force, is there a consensus among the legitimate experts to satisfy number 2? Is Les Green’s opinion enough to prove this so called “truth”?
Did Les green speak about gay-on-gay crime as Miss Blaine claims or did he only speak on what he was asked which is the murder of gays? Is murder the only crime?

“What Les Green has divulged is what most Jamaicans already know to be a fact. Jamaicans are not violent homophobes as JFLAG and the international gay community have been advertising. What Jamaicans do not accept is the open, “in your face” displays of homosexuality in its various modalities.

For far too long the homosexual lobby has been perpetuating the big lie about Jamaica’s violent homophobia with little evidence to substantiate the claim. What the gay lobby refuses to talk about is gay-on-gay crime, especially murders,…”

Miss Blaine claims that the “homosexual lobby” has “little evidence to substantiate the claim”. Did she bother to seek information?

Below are some recent examples of anti-gay attacks.

Last month CVM News, the only media house that reports constantly on anti-gay attacks and is committed to truth like AGFC, reported on a man who was attacked in the streets of Mandeville because he was alleged to be gay.

Because the gay man in the video below did not die after being attacked, Les green, the Observer and oBetty-Ann Blaine say that Jamaica is not a violently homophobic society.

CVM also reported on a mob attack on a house in Jones Town where some gay men were staying. One woman in the video was confused as to why the police were rescuing the gays while another man complained that his tax dollars were being used to transport gays to safety. Apparently gays are not tax paying citizens too.

Because the gay men who were attacked in the video were saved from the angry mob by the police they did not die. Since the police came and rescued them it is said by Les Green, The Observer and other anti-gay activists that Jamaica is “tolerant of homosexuals” despite the fact that the attack was carried out in the first place.

N.B. Report in video starts at “3:15″.




“…and the levels of sexual violence perpetrated against the most vulnerable in the society, including children.”

Despite the fact that J-FLAG has spoken about this twice, she then goes on to accuse the local LGBT movement of not speaking about the sexual abuse of children.

J-FLAG’s press release:

JFLAG condemns report of sexual coercion at Corporate area all -girls high school.

“JFLAG’s Executive Director Dane Lewis says the group condemns all forms of violence, sexual coercion and abuse, regardless of the sexual orientation and age of the perpetrator.

Mr Lewis says J-FLAG recognises and promotes the rights of children, as articulated in the Child Care and Protection Act 2004 and Convention on the Rights of the Child which includes the right to be free from sexual interference.”

Despite the silent church, J-FLAG along with JFJ condemned the sexual abuse of children:

JFLAG, JFJ condemn sexual abuse of children

Meanwhile Executive Director of The Jamaican Forum of Lesbians, All Sexuals and Gays (JFLAG), Dane Lewis, also condemned any act of sexual abuse committed against a child.

Lewis insisted that criminals who prey on children should be punished.

“I certainly feel that the law should intervene and all perpetrators should be brought to justice,” he said.

Read more:–JFJ-condemn-sexual-abuse-of-children#ixzz20I9ieVsK




The international gay lobby must be made to understand that for Jamaicans homosexuality is both a deeply cultural and a deeply spiritual matter. Jamaica is not a country where sex and sexually explicit behaviour are openly displayed or tolerated, whether it involves heterosexuals or homosexuals. You don’t see, for example, couples kissing or caressing openly in Jamaica. That is just not our culture.

 It is quite an odd claim that heterosexuals in Jamaica do not openly kiss or caress openly. I’m not sure what Jamaica Miss Blaine is living in.

Heterosexuals in Jamaica don’t openly kiss or caress. They go way past that.

Heterosexuals in Jamaica openly gyrating on one another




Open displays of homosexuality are even more unacceptable to Jamaicans, not only because people are unaccustomed to seeing that type of public display, but Jamaicans are a Bible-believing people, and are clear about what the Good Book says about homosexuality. For most Jamaicans, God’s word is paramount, even while they admit that sin abounds in the lives of all men – whether heterosexuals or homosexuals

Miss Blaine uses another common fallacy here again. That is the converse fallacy( a dicto secundum quid ad dictum simpliciter) of accident or hasty generalisation. In other words, because the majority of people Miss Betty-Ann knows are Bible believeing Christians, to her it means that all “Jamaicans are a Bible-believing people, and are clear about what the Good Book says about homosexuality.” She completely ignores everyone who isn’t Christian or doesn’t have a problem with homosexuality which by her view would not make them Jamaicans. She might say that majority rules and since the majority is Christian therefore we have to abide by Christian rules. However, the Jamaican constitution gives everyone the freedom to their religious belief and practice. How can this be protected if Miss Blaine wants her religion to dominate over everyone’s belief?

Let us rephrase her statement in the context of Saudi Arabia where Christian churches are banned so she can understand better:

Open displays of Christianity are even more unacceptable to Saudis, not only because people are unaccustomed to seeing that type of public display, but Saudis are a Quran-believing people, and are clear about what the Good Book says about Christianity. For most Saudis, Allah’s word is paramount, even while they admit that sin abounds in the lives of all men – whether Muslims or not“.

Its quite ok to force your religion down the throats of homosexuals but its not so fun when its done to you isn’t it?




From what I see and understand, and contrary to what JFLAG is promulgating, gays in Jamaica have a tremendous amount of power and latitude. I am aware that many sit in very high and powerful places and wield a lot of influence both inside and outside of the country.

But JFLAG is not satisfied with the collective and financial power that the homosexual community possesses and the advancements it has made in Jamaica in recent times. What it appears determined to achieve is the wholesale societal acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle, even if it goes against the country’s cultural norms and Christian beliefs. In order to achieve the goal of “homosexualising” the Jamaican society, the strategy, it appears, is to affect legislative change as well as to marshal powerful external governmental forces to pressure Jamaica into compliance. It is important for the homosexual community to know that as far as Jamaicans are concerned, God is more powerful than governments, even when the majority of the governed are poor and dependent as is the case of Jamaica.

So because she knows a few gays that are wealthy and powerful it automatically applies to all gays? Because a few gays are well off the wider community is satisfied and must be quiet? She uses the fallacy of hasty generalisation spoken about earlier here.

Going against societies norms and beliefs to preserve rights have happened for centuries. The abolition of slavery, giving women the right to vote, legalisation of interracial marriage are to name a few. Where would her rights as a woman be if these “societal norms” of wives being their husbands property, banning women from writing and keeping them in the kitchen be if these “societal norms” were not challenged. I hope she knows a lot of these were defended with the Bible. However, that is another discussion.


It’s interesting how selective and strategic the homosexual lobby is in its information and communication campaign. One of the issues not talked about are the levels of HIV/AIDS within the MSM (Men who have sex with Men) community. Are those cases increasing, and what does that mean for the wider society? As the homosexual community expands to include not just gays and lesbians, but bisexuals, transgender, transsexual, transvestite and intersex groupings, the question must be asked, is the lifestyle good and healthy for society? It seems to me that that conversation is not only imperative, it is urgent.

The so called “homosexual lobby” is selective in its information campaign or is it that Miss Betty-Ann only reads information that suits her agenda? I think LGBT activists speak about HIV in the community more than anti-gay activists daily but Miss Betty-Ann needs to realise that it is her world-view that fuels this HIV epidemic.

For example, the Observer published an article last week which showed that gay men who are closeted because of anti-gay behaviour in society help to push up the epidemic. Is Miss Betty-Ann Blaine willing to adjust her anti-gay lifestyle in order to allow gay men to form their own relationships and not marry women?

Observer article

Closet gays push up HIV

New research suggests fear of stigma keeps infected ‘down-low’ males underground

NEW data showing a 32 per cent HIV prevalency rate among men who sleep with men (MSM) in Jamaica have reignited fears that the sexual practices of this largely underground community could erode gains made over the years in curbing the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

According to Jamaica’s National HIV Strategic Plan for 2012-2017, there are an estimated 33,000 MSMs in the country, but health officials say interventions targeted at this group have mostly failed because these men fear discrimination if their sexual activities are revealed.

Read more:



For me personally, I want to reiterate my deep love for all of God’s creation regardless of sexual orientation, and it is the Word of that same God on which I stand. What I find unacceptable, however, are the dishonest and exaggerated stories that are being bandied about to support claims of the wanton murder of homosexuals by Jamaican homophobes. It is time for Jamaicans to fully debunk the big lie, and the factual information coming from ACP Les Green should be duly noted and documented.”

Condescension in its purest form. A common tactic of the anti-gay movement is to extend their “pity”, “compassion” and so called “love” to the homosexuals they claim they care so deeply about.

We at AGFC have seen this method used over the years and are not moved by it.

I urge Betty-Ann Blaine to seek information for herself and not only rely on the media. For a woman who calls someone’s opinion “factual information” it is obvious she isn’t used to the truth but only what suits her agenda.



  1. Maurice Tomlinson says :

    Excellent rebuttal of a very stupid myopic and opportunistic woman.

  2. Gingy says :

    Excellent analysis. Betty Ann-Blaine’s article was full of generalizations masking as fact and it is a shame that any national newspaper would allow this dribble to be published. Great debunk, hopefully she takes her journalist title a little more seriously and do some real fact-checking.

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