On July 4, 2012, Dionne Jackson Miller aired an All Angles programme that dealt with the problem of homophobia in Jamaican society. Two anti-gay activists, Wayne West and Rev. Chisholm, were invited to comment on the programme as well as a human rights activist, Arlene Harrison-Henry.

Can be viewed here:

Dr.West and Rev. Clinton Chisholm claimed that if the buggery law is repealed, LGBT activists would start to teach buggery in schools and anti-gay Christians would be “locked up for hate speech”.

If a representative from Anti-gay Fact Check(AGFC) was invited to that programme we assure you that it would have turned out differently.

Here at AGFC we do not wish to advocate the silencing of anyone or punishing anyone for their views. We are only committed to exposing anti-gay movement’s misinformation, lies and agenda.

The “Think about the Children!” argument

I’m sure many of you have heard this argument being used by the anti-gay activists ever so often.

Dr. Wayne West and Reverend Clinton Chisholm claimed that if the buggery law is repealed gays will lobby to force primary schools to teach buggery in sex education classes. However, they gave no evidence of this happening anywhere and therefore we are unable to debunk any lies.

There is a burning question though. If the gay community was hell bent on teaching gay sex in schools and the buggery law prevented us then why haven’t we done so with lesbian sex since that is legal?

Do you really think the anti-gay activists care about children or do they just need another weak reason to justify violating human rights and their drive to imprison gays?

Let us examine whether or not the anti-gay activists really care about children as much as pushing the anti-gay agenda.


Betty-Ann Blaine chaining herself in the middle of Half-way tree, Jamaica. She has compared the LGBT movement to former slave masters planning to enslave people around the world.

Betty-Ann Blaine is a well respected children’s advocate and anti-gay activist. She is the convenor of her political party, New Nation Coalition, and founder of “Hear the Children’s Cry”, her children advocacy group. However, in recent times as the anti-gay agenda becomes desperate, Miss Blaine has chosen to compromise her children’s advocacy with the anti-gay agenda. On May 22,2012 Miss Blaine chose to write in her Observer column about pushing the anti-gay agenda rather than acknowledge the anniversary of the Armadale fire which left 7 girls dead at a juvenile correctional facility in St.Ann in 2009. In fact, AGFC has documented where Miss Blaine has written in her column more about her anti-gay agenda rather than the children she advocates for. Miss Blaine describes herself as a “unapologetic, unwavering, unmovable Christian”. Is this Christ like?

We provide the facts and you decide.


Shirley Richards only appears in the media when it is homosexuality discussion time. She says she wants legislation to criminalise so called “unnatural acts” between women. Is  lobbying to protect children her priority in any way?

Miss Shirley Richards is a lawyer and head of the Lawyer’s Christian Fellowship in Jamaica. She has successfully lobbied parliament in the past to avoid touching the buggery law during the making of the Sexual Offences Act and also to add a saving clause to the constitution which prevents the buggery law from constitutional review. Is she more committed to the anti-gay agenda or caring about children?

The buggery law in Jamaica is a part of the Offences Against the Person Act has a  maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment with hard labour. The new Sexual Offences Act passed in 2009 has rape at a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. That means if someone buggers(forced anal entry) a child, no matter how brutally, the person could not be sentenced to more than 10 years. However, if the child is raped(forced vaginal entry) the person could possibly get life imprisonment or some term more than 10 years. Is this justice to children? Miss Shirley Richards ensured that the buggery was not touched at all to correct this discrepancy by making rape gender neutral and to include anal sex during the creation of the Sexual offences Act and still lobbies to do so. You might say that she could simply lobby to increase the penalty of the buggery law. That will not happen under her watch because if it is touched LGBT activists would get the chance to challenge the law in court which would lead to it being found unconstitutional. Therefore, until the buggery law is repealed, children who are buggered in Jamaica will get far less justice than ones who are raped because anti-gay activists say so. Is this what Christians have now turned to? Compromising the safety of the nations’s children to advocate imprisoning gays? Which is more important?

We only provide the facts. The conclusion is up to you.


Dr. Wayne West claims that the world-view of those who support homosexuality will lead to the legalisation of bestiality and the removal of the buggery law will lead to “sexual anarchy”. Despite the fact that his son is a gay rights activist, Dr. Wayne West has travelled from his homeland of Trinidad to lobby for the anti-gay agenda.

Dr. Wayne West is a radiologist and senior lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Mona.  He is also a fundamentalist Christian and runs an entire blog devoted to speaking about homosexuality and the anti-gay agenda where he feeds the other anti-gay activists with his knowledge.(See here: He spends much of his time speaking only about homosexuality(sometimes abortion) and has even gone to the extent of raising money to pay for anti-gay ads in the Gleaner.

He has now formed the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society(JCHS) which asked the Jamaican society for money to fight his “Costly fight against gays” as was reported in the Observer(See here:

Instead of helping children like Kareen below, the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society and other anti-gay activists would rather spend money on their “Costly fight against gays”. Is this what Jesus told them to do? Are these true Christians?

This is Kareen from Ocho Rios. She is already showing  signs of 
the crippling degenerative 
disease that afflicts her 
family. Even though she’s 8 
years old, she has the 
body of a 4 year old due 
to years of malnutrition.


Reverend Peter Garth claims that gays have a conspiracy to destroy the heterosexual family based on a satirical magazine article written by one man in 1988. He claims he is willing to die for the anti-gay agenda. Is he as committed to fighting child abuse and helping children?

Revered Peter Garth is the vice-president of the Jamaica Association of Evangelicals. He recently appeared in the press for accusing gays of conspiring to destroy the heterosexual family and promoting paedophilia. He also claimed that gays have a manifesto based on a satirical article written by Michael Swift in 1988. Rev. Garth changed the name of the article from “Gay Revolutionary” to “Gay Manifesto” and removed the first line of the piece to make it seem as though it was not satire and was an actual document that has anything to do with the LGBT movement.

Rev. Peter Garth believes in a deity. He states that he believes in God and promotes virtue by upholding in culture that which is right, true and good. The god he talks about is a holy and righteous god that cannot abide sin. His god has provided forgiveness but he also demands repentance and change. His god intends to throw ALL LIARS into a lake of ETERNAL PUNISHMENT for willfully breaking his commandments.

And yet Rev. Peter Garth has borne false – blatantly, inarguably, false – witness.

These are the “10 affirmations” that the Jamaica Evangelical Association and Reverend Peter Garth laid down. They all have to do with sex and 8/10 of them have to do with homosexuality. Tell us which ones (if any) deal specifically with children and if they are more committed to the anti-gay agenda.

1) We recognise that all of us are sinners and that the only true hope for sinful people is in Jesus Christ.

2) We affirm that monogamous heterosexual marriage is the only form of partnership approved by God for full sexual relations in our and every generation.

3) We firmly oppose sexual relations outside of a faithful, monogamous, marital relationship, whether those relationships are pre-marital, extra-marital, homoerotic, or purchased from a “sex worker”.

4) We affirm God’s love and concern for all humanity — including homosexual people, prostitutes, and those living in non-faithful, non-monogamous, non-marital sexual relationships — but believe homoerotic sexual practice, prostitution, and sex outside of marriage to be incompatible with the will of God as revealed in the Bible.

5) We repudiate homophobia insofar as it denotes an irrational fear or hatred of homosexuals. We do not accept, however, that to reject homoerotic sexual practice on biblical, medical, or moral grounds is in itself homophobic.

6) We oppose moves within certain churches towards permitting the ordination of sexually active lesbians and gay men to ministry. We stand prayerfully with those in such denominations who are seeking to resist those moves on biblical grounds.

7) We will continue to resist church services for blessing for gay partnerships as we consider gay unions to be a serious threat to the family.

8) We affirm that men and women are created in the image of God and as such should never be degraded to the status of commodities to be bought and sold in the “sex industry” or otherwise.

9) We do not consider sexual orientation to be a basic human right.

10) We believe and exercise compassion without compromise as it relates to homoerotic practices.

J-FLAG has publicly condemned child abuse and sexual coercion. Where has the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society(JCHS) done so?

J-FLAG’s press release:

JFLAG condemns report of sexual coercion at Corporate area all -girls high school.

“JFLAG’s Executive Director Dane Lewis says the group condemns all forms of violence, sexual coercion and abuse, regardless of the sexual orientation and age of the perpetrator.

Mr Lewis says J-FLAG recognises and promotes the rights of children, as articulated in the Child Care and Protection Act 2004 and Convention on the Rights of the Child which includes the right to be free from sexual interference.”

JFLAG, JFJ condemn sexual abuse of children

Meanwhile Executive Director of The Jamaican Forum of Lesbians, All Sexuals and Gays (JFLAG), Dane Lewis, also condemned any act of sexual abuse committed against a child.

Lewis insisted that criminals who prey on children should be punished.

“I certainly feel that the law should intervene and all perpetrators should be brought to justice,” he said.

Read more:–JFJ-condemn-sexual-abuse-of-children#ixzz20I9ieVsK


Former beauty queen Yendi Phillipps (centre) and Miss Jamaica World 2011 Danielle Crosskill (right) participate in a march and rally organised by the Help Jamaica’s Children Foundation to bring awareness to child rights in the island.

Putting children aside, do anti-gay activists and their religious groups care about the rights of anyone else in society over the anti-gay agenda?

Rev. Al Miller, a convicted felon, is opposed to gays serving in the cabinet because according to him it “would be to declare homosexual behaviour as normal and right”.

Rev. Al Miller is a popular religious leader and anti-gay activist in Jamaica. He is a felon that was charged with harbouring a fugitive and attempting to pervert the course of justice after then fugitive Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was captured in his car along the Mandela Highway, in St Catherine. He was also found guilty of negligence resulting in the loss or theft of his licensed firearm.

Rev. Al Miller said that he and the religious community were not doing enough to lobby for the human rights of Jamaicans, probably because indulging in the anti-gay agenda 24/7 is not only costly but time consuming. Rev. AL Miller said that the secular and pro-gay Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) was “doing the church’s job” in the “fight against injustice in society” (See here: Don’t take our word for it. The anti-gay activists admit that they have their priorities in the wrong place.

Let us move on the to the next accusation on the programme. The “Slippery Slope!” argument”.

The “Slippery Slope!” argument

N.B. The slippery slope argument is classified as fallacious.

For anyone who studies history this argument should not a peculiar one. Every time a marginalised group in society gains acceptance this argument is presented. If women voted it was said that democracy would be destroyed, if inter-racial marriage was legal it would have led to incestuous marriage and bestiality and that the desegregation of the U.S. schools would have led to more black men raping white women. Of course, our descendants will read about us in the same history books and wonder why anti-gay activists were so odd.

Dr. Wayne West claims that if the buggery law is repealed Christians will be “locked up for hate speech”. How true is this?

Dr. West only named 4 countries(the countries that feed them with the anti-gay agenda). Canada, Britain, Sweden and the United States.

There are approximately 125 countries in the world without buggery laws. Therfore 4 countries/125 countries * 100 = 3.2%

Read here: (

Only 3.2% of all the countries without buggery laws he claims have “locked up Christians for hate speech”? I thought once the buggery law was repealed there would be a “heavy case load” of “Christians being harassed” according to him?

Did these 4 countries he called out lock up any one for “hate speech”?

At AGFC we do our research extensively. We are committed to fact and exposing anti-gay activists for their lies, misinformation and agenda.

We at AGFC can assure you that NONE of the people Dr. West called out were locked up for “hate speech” by any government as he claims happens.


Let us examine the cases.


Mr Peat was one of several Christian staff who walked out of an In-Service Education and Training day during which staff were required to attend a session on child protection issues.

Kwabena Peat (and not “Peatu” as Dr. West said) was suspended from his teaching  job with pay because he decided to walk out of a compulsory seminar about homophobic bullying and diversity and complained about the presentation by writing to the presenters claiming there were “aggressive” and, citing the Bible, claimed that gay people “risked God’s wrath”. Was Mr. Peat suspended for walking out of the compulsory meeting, disrespecting the presenters or for his anti-gay views? We do not know and neither does Dr. West.


Chris Kempling is a teacher and a counsellor who was suspended by the British Columbia College of Teachers for promoting “ex-gay therapy”, that has been found to be dangerous, in his letters-to-the editor.

Chris Kempling(West called him a “she”) was suspended in 2002 from his teaching and counselling  job by the British Columbia College of Teachers because they found that he breached their code of conduct that was ” to maintain a tolerant and discrimination-free environment”.

Crystal Dixon was fired in 2008 from her University of Toledo human resources vice president job for writing a letter to the Toledo Free Press denouncing “those choosing the homosexual lifestyle” as fake “civil rights victims” because “daily, thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle”

It is “abuse” when anti-gay activists have to obey codes of conduct to have a discrimination free environment but when Christian universities force their employees to disclose their sexual orientation to fire them if they are gay it is perfectly fine? Disagree with their interpretation of the Bible? You get FIRED not suspended.  The president of the university in the video below says it is a something common at Christian universities.


The court ruled that the Rev. Ake Green had a right to preach “the Bible’s categorical condemnation of homosexual relations as a sin,” even if that position was “alien to most citizens” and if Green’s views could be “strongly questioned,” according to news-service translations of the court’s ruling. The appeals court ruled that Sweden’s law was never intended to stifle open discussion of homosexuality or restrict a pastor’s right to preach.

Rev. Ake Green is a Swedish pastor who anti-gay activists claimed was “jailed” for his condemnation of homosexuality. Nonsense. Read here for yourself:

Swedish journalist Tor Billgren, who writes the blog Antigayretorik, reminds us that no preacher has been fined or jailed for quoting the Bible:

Pastor Åke Green was sentenced to 1 month imprisonment by the district court, but was acquitted by the court of appeal and the supreme court. He wasn’t jailed. There’s another case as well: Leif Liljeström, a Christian (not a preacher) who owned a discussion forum on the web. He was sentenced to 1 month for things another person wrote on the forum (according to the Swedish law the owner of the forum is responsible). However, this wasn’t quotes from the Bible, but extreme hate speech. This case will be dealt with by the Supreme Court. He hasn’t been jailed.


We were unable to get a photo of Hugh Owens who Dr. West mentioned.

However, we can say that Hugh Owens was not locked up for any “hate speech” for his anti-gay ad in the newspaper. The high court found that his ad violated no law. Read here:


Lillian Ladele was fired from her secular job because she refused to marry a same-sex couple in the UK. She claimed her firing violated her “religious rights”.

Lillian Ladele claims she was a victim of discrimination because of her religious beliefs. She worked at a secular job for Islington as a registrar for marriages.

The court ruled that she was not discriminated against because all employees were treated the same way.

Why did the entire country come down on this man for refusing to marry inter-racial couples? Would it be ok if he refused to do it because of religious belief or is it only ok when it happens to gays?

Do you want to see real abuse and infridgement on freedom of speech? AGFC has documented LGBT activists being beaten, arrested or fined in countries all over the word for speaking their views.

Read here:

We only provide the facts and you decide.


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