Betty-Ann claims Anti-gay Fact Check “threatened” her. Plot to silence us?

Miss Betty-Ann Blaine was interviewed by the Obser where she says:

This is of great concern to me. What does ‘keep a close eye on’ mean? I don’t know if they have me on a hit list. Is someone stalking me? Does it mean I am under surveillance? This is amazing,” Blaine told the Jamaica Observer.

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Betty-Ann claimed we “threatened” her.

We at AGFC has said time and time again that we do not intend to silence anyone for their views. We do not support violence, we do not have anyone on a hit list, we are not stalking ANYONE and we certainly did NOT threaten anyone for their views. We have said time and time against that “we at AGFC are committed to exposing the  anti-gay lobby’s  misinformation, lies and agenda”. That  is OUR ONLY mission.

When we said we were “keeping an eye on her” we were speaking about the media. Of course the only source we can get any information about these anti-gay activists is what they willingly put out there.

Is Betty-Ann seeking pity because we are factual and not moved by mere opinion? Intimidated by truth so she created this conspiracy theory that we are out to get her?

We will see.


3 responses to “Betty-Ann claims Anti-gay Fact Check “threatened” her. Plot to silence us?”

  1. Damien says :

    Betty-Ann Blaine is calculated and deliberate in what she is doing. She knows it is not a threat. This is only another in her malevolent attempt to incite anger and contempt against the all-mighty-violent-gay-lobbyists. I find her to be a most pernicious woman.

  2. Mark says :

    Betty- Ann Blaine is nothing more than an attention seeking child. It is very interesting that she finds it “amazing” that someone is “stalking” or “threatening” her as she puts it. Like most well thinking Jamaicans I view her as a pseudo-intellectual media talking head without any real substance behind her emotive rhetoric.

  3. TruthMonster says :

    Betty Ann Blaine – the most homophobic woman in Jamaica has engaged in a tireless campaign against the gay community. She ha appointed herself God Almighty and spreads proganda that seeks to inextricably link paedophiles with gays. We should show ppl dat she is a fraud

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