We at AGFC are only committed to exposing anti-gay movement’s misinformation, lies and agenda.

We have nothing against any of the anti-gay activists.

We just love truth that the anti-gay Jamaican media will not tell you.


We have documented actual evidence of Betty-Ann Blaine claiming that the buggery law helps the needy and sounding gleeful that gays will get AIDS as they practice their “nasty deprave[sic] acts” as she speaks to one of our friends on Facebook.

Notice the smily face as she says it.

She think AIDS is a joke:

(Click on the picture to get a better view)

Betty-Ann Blaine said “Just know that the rights you are fighting for will not go anywhere because of me in particular”. IS THAT A THREAT MRS. BETTY-ANN BLAINE???

And she finds it offensive when AGFC called her an anti-gay activist?

What does she mean by “Just know that the rights you are fighting for will not go anywhere because of me in particular“? Is that a threat to attack our free speech?

This is the woman that wants to be Prime Minister with her political party, New Nation Coalition? Is this how she will treat the fight against AIDS as the leader of our country? As something gays have because of their “nasty deprave [sic] acts“? To think of AIDS as something to laugh about?

Is this what her indulgence into the anti-gay agenda turned her into? What happened to the human rights and child rights activist we knew of?

We don’t tell lies. We have PROOF!



  1. Mark says :

    This woman is the epitome of bigotry and hate………

  2. antigayfactcheckbulletin says :

    And she has no remorse about it. This woman cannot be a politician and speak to people that way.

  3. Prince. Jones says :

    I am puzzled by her statement that she has gay friends when she said ” I have gay friends but I disagree with lies”. This has made an impression on my dear heart. How does one who has gay friends; who I am sure she parade with at their social gatherings can make such a statement and still continue to say that she has gay friends?

    This lady clearly is a hypocrite!!!.. Because knowing you have gay friends who I am sure engage in sexual acts of anal and other forms of sexual activities. I would think that someone who has the best interest of her friends would one not want to imprison them but grant an avenue where they also can live freely and would have all the same amenities which she the “Heterosexual has”

    The second point which raises concerns for me is that this woman jump to the conclusion that the person she was having this conversation with had already had HIV and he should watch out for AIDS? Is this an educated woman? Because clearly one who has so much to say against the homosexual community should know that you can’t have AIDS before you have HIV..

    I am truly sorry for this woman’s soul because if she calls herself a Christian and continues to condemn human beings who simple just are different from what “she is” then clearly she has to be the devil in sheep clothing.

    AGFC continue to do the great work which you have started…


    P. Jones

  4. Prince. Jones says :

    I is time the human rights movements in Jamaica expose her and the others of their wicked intentions

  5. William says :

    This evidence of a conversation between Betty-Ann Blaine and a young gay man conclusively proves that she is a hypocrite who misleads society into thinking that she respects human rights and other democratic virtues. She is no such person. The bigotry and hate she displayed towards this young gay man only shows that she is just as malicious as the mobs who would beat that man to death only for his homosexuality.

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