We at AGFC are only committed to exposing anti-gay movement’s misinformation, lies and agenda.

We have nothing against any of the anti-gay activists.

We just love truth that the anti-gay Jamaican media will not tell you.

As we all know, Mrs. Esther Tyson is a retired principal of Ardenne High School. According to one of our colleagues, Mrs. Esther Tyson in 2009 decided to round up a few students she thought were gay in order to inform their parents of their sexual orientation and recommend the scientifically dangerous and ineffective “ex-gay therapy” at Family Life Ministries in Kingston. Our sources said she claimed she was “concerned” about their “chosen lifestyle”. She asked him why he had so many female friends and why he would always talk to a certain student she thought was homosexual.

We were also informed that one of the students she targeted had to be talked out of committing suicide after the ordeal and the calling of his parents as he was about to jump off his roof top.

Conversation with one of the victims and her on Facebook: 

(Click on the picture to get a better view)

Esther Tyson abused her position as principal to target gay students.

Your tax dollars are paying principals to invade the privacy of students.

What does a student’s sexual orientation have to do with the school?

The anti-gay agenda is not just about politics. They have taken it into our schools!

AGFC has a post on what happens to gay children when they are put through this dangerous so called “therapy”.  The “ex-gay” proponents do not want you to know this.

Read here:



  1. William says :

    Based on Mrs. Tyson’s admission in this conversation she should be charged with child abuse.

  2. Cal B says :

    Kudos! Keep fighting di good fite of exposing GAABIJ! :+)

  3. Pierre says :

    This is why so many people are turned off religion. Mrs. Tyson has no right to impose her own religious views on other people.

  4. Candiekayz says :

    It’s such a sad case when those in authority take their power a bit too far. That was NOT apart of her duty as a Principal.

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