Beware of the “28 sexual orientations” propaganda.

We at AGFC watch the anti-gay movement very closely both here in Jamaica and abroad and we are quite aware of this “28 sexual orientations” propaganda being pushed by the anti-gay movement.

Anti-gay religious activists hate actual science. Thats why they twist studies and lie about organisations so that they sound as though their anti-gay views are scientifically valid.

In Trinidad recently, an anti-gay religious activist named Hyacinth Griffith of an anti-gay theocracy group called “Lawyers for Jesus”, engaged in a debate with a popular LGBT rights activist from the Coalition Advocating for Inclusion of Sexual Orientation (CAISO), Colin Robinson, about gay marriage and other things concerning the LGBT movement.

The programme can be listened to here: (Click on “Archives” then July 22 then “Showdown”. Starts from 161:48).

The American Psychiatric Association(APA) is the largest organisation of psychiatrists in the world and they produce a book called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). This book is in its 4th edition and is used by psychiatrists all over the world to diagnose and treat mental disorders which is why it is so important. Ever since 1973 when homosexuality was removed from the book as a psychopathology, anti-gay activists havn’t ceased their attacks on the APA. Today, the anti-gay movement has formed this new lie that the APA mentioned anything about 28 sexual orientations.

Hyacinth Griffith said on the programme that:

the American Association of Psychiatrists have identified, apart from the heterosexual and the homosexual, that there are 28 gen…er…sexual orientation. They have identified in their report 28 [interruption] The Association of American Psychiatrists [interruption] I can find it for you.

We at AGFC can assure you there is no organisation called the “American Association of Psychiatrists”. This shows that Hyancinth Griffith and whoever fed her the propaganda line is scientifically challenged. She must have been speaking about the APA.

AGFC is religiously neutral but we must remind the religious anti-gay activists that their deity said in their religious text that he sends ALL LIARS to a special place of fiery torment which is not pretty.

The American Psychiatric Association produced a brochure on sexual orientation. Click here to view it: APA Brochure on Sexual Orientation

In their brochure they mentioned:

What is Sexual Orientation?

“Sexual orientation refers to one’s romantic, emotional, or sexual attraction to another person of  the opposite sex (a heterosexual or “straight” sexual orientation),  the same sex (a homosexual or gay/lesbian sexual orientation), or both (a bisexual orientation).”

The anti-gay movement have accused the American Psychiatric Association of defining 28 sexual orientations. When you actually open the DSM this is not true.

So where did “28 sexual orientations lie” come from?  Let’s turn to the APA’s DSM-IV-TR under the heading of “Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders,” namely the APA’s examples of sexual paraphilias:

The Paraphilias are characterized by recurrent, intense sexual urges, fantasies, or behaviors that involve unusual objects, activities, or situations and cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. The Paraphilias include Exhibitionism, Fetishism, Frotteurism, Pedophilia, Sexual Masochism, Sexual Sadism, Transvestic Fetishism, Voyeurism, and Paraphilia Not Otherwise Specified.

The DSM goes further, identifying specific criteria for diagnosing these various paraphilias, something that the DSM does not do for sexual orientation. And the reason is simple: sexual paraphilias are mental disorders according to the DSM, while homosexuality is not. Which is why the DSM devotes several pages to sexual paraphilias — and describes them as an impairment to normal functioning — but just a few words to consensual adult homosexuality, heterosexuality or bisexuality, which the APA reminds us “is not an illness, a mental disorder, or an emotional problem. In order for a sexual arousal or attraction to be classified as a paraphilia, according to the DSM, it has to involve non-human objects, children, non-consenting persons and The suffering or humiliation of oneself or one’s partner.

So just to be clear:

  • Sexual orientation is strictly limited to the realms of homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality and asexuality.
  • All the other stuff — pedophilia, exhibitionism, masochism, and the other twenty-seven paraphilias are not sexual orientations. Homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality and asexuality are not paraphilias.

It is indeed a scare tactic, and anti-gay activists know fully well that it is a blatant distortion of the APA’s position on sexual orientation and paraphilias. Pity their desperation.


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