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On Tuesday September 18, 2012, Television Jamaica(TVJ) aired the programme “Religious Hardtalk” hosted by Ian Boyne where he brought on popular anti-gay activists Shirley Richards, attorney and former head of the Lawyer’s Christian Fellowship, and Dr. Wayne West who is a senior lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Mona(UWI) and a consultant radiologist.

Despite the fact that the previous week’s discussion was limited mainly to the topic of atheism and secularism, Ian Boyne decided to allow these two activists to have their time to speak about homosexuality and abortion even though it is a programme created for religious discussion. Surely, atheism and secularism is not necessarily an opposing argument to the pro-life and anti-gay arguments about homosexuality so the LGBT community needs to have a rebuttal to Tuesday’s programme and do so fast.

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Two boys kidnapped by homosexuals or “homosexuals”? CVM committed to truth?

Last week September 20th, CVM TV News in Jamaica reported that two boys were reported missing in Trelawny before their bodies were found in the Martha Brae River. Residents of the community claimed that the boys were buggered because according to them their intestines were protruding through their anuses.

AGFC expresses sincere condolences to the families of the two boys who suffered this great tragedy.

The report can be viewed below from [17:15]

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Yesterday, September 15, 2012, AGFC attended the “Love March” for “sexual purity” which took place in Kingston starting at Hope Gardens and ending at Half-Way Tree Mandela Park. We are proud to say we were the only ones from the LGBT community there trying to get information and pictures and as such we walked through the sun for hours, sweated like pigs, endured the pain, hunger and dehydration in order to get everyone the story about the march.

For those who don’t know, the “Love March” is a march organised by a couple of anti-gay Christian groups who claim they are fed up with “sexual immorality” in Jamaican society and want to speak out against it. The march was designed for HOMOSEXUALITY, pornography and fornication, what they call “sexual sins” that are taking over Jamaica.

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Marc Ramsay’s ignorance: Example of the usual anti-gay scientific misuse.

Here at AGFC we do not apologise for debunking the scientifically-challenged anti-gay lobby, even if we have to go back in history. In November, 2011 a Christian lawyer by the name of Mark Ramsay decided to try and offer an “intelligent” defence of the buggery law.

Ignorance is truly bliss.

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