Two boys kidnapped by homosexuals or “homosexuals”? CVM committed to truth?

Last week September 20th, CVM TV News in Jamaica reported that two boys were reported missing in Trelawny before their bodies were found in the Martha Brae River. Residents of the community claimed that the boys were buggered because according to them their intestines were protruding through their anuses.

AGFC expresses sincere condolences to the families of the two boys who suffered this great tragedy.

The report can be viewed below from [17:15]

According to Andrew Cannon from CVM News, the residents claimed the boys were “allegedley kidnapped by homosexuals”.

Did CVM News give the full story? Did they ask the police about the incident?

Because the bodies were immersed in water and were also decomposing this might have caused their intestines to protrude. They might have died from drowning as the father went to look for them by the river immediately after they were missing which probably meant they swam there often.

According to the Jamaica Observer the police did not see any sign of violence and that the deaths seemed like an accident.

News report:

Nude, decomposing bodies of missing Zion boys found in river

BY HORACE HINES Observer staff reporter

Friday, September 21, 2012

MARTHA BRAE, Falmouth — The search for the two boys who went missing from their Zion community in Trelawny last Saturday, ended in tragedy yesterday when their decomposing, nude bodies were fished from the Martha Brae River.

The bodies of Alex Brown, 10, and seven-year-old Javani Brown were seen floating in the river by a man who was working nearby. They were last seen alive, playing together near their homes on Saturday afternoon.

A bawling Kaydie Palmer (second right), mother of Alex Brown whose body — along with that of his friend seven-year-old Javani Brown — was fished from the Martha Brae River yesterday, is comforted by friends. (Photos: Kenroy Pringle

“I was sweeping the place when I saw a little thing in the water. I thought it was a dead animal but when I got closer I saw flies. When I got even closer, I realised it resembled a body, so I called another youth and asked him if it was a body and him say ‘yes’, The man, who identified himself only as Valin, told the Jamaica Observer.

An alarm was raised, which drew scores of persons to the scene. The police were summoned and a subsequent search of the river led to the discovery of the body younger boy near nearby.

There were many speculations by angry residents as to how the boys died. Many surmised that the boys were sodomised then killed and their bodies dumped in the river. Persons claimed that Javani’s intestines were protruding through the anus.

However, commander for the Area One Police Division, Assistant Commissioner of Police Devon Watkis, said there were no signs of violence and that the deaths appeared to be an accident.

“It seems it is one of those unfortunate incidents that they seemingly went swimming unsupervised,” he told the Observer during a telephone interview.

He, however, said he will await the results of the post-mortem.

“Once we heard [that they were missing], we launched a criminal investigation consistent with the missing persons policy. We will await confirmation from pathologists, in terms of the postmortem, just to be sure,” he said.

The senior policeman also used the opportunity to appeal to parents to supervise their children, “to avoid a likely recurrence” of the horrible incident.

Yesterday, Javani’s father recounted the last moments with his son. He said on Saturday morning he prepared breakfast for Javani and his brother, then he sat with them outside, before going inside the house.

He recalled that on going back outside the house, he saw neither of his boys. He went to Alex’s house, but neither the boys nor Alex was there.

“I came down by the river and me watch the guys swimming and check to see for them and did not see them,” he recounted.

The police were informed and several days of searching ensued.

He said given that the boys were not at the river on Saturday, he was baffled by yesterday’s discovery.

“It surprise me now to see them there so. It surprise me because me was here Saturday evening and me was looking, and when I was here I did not see none of them,” the distraught father said.

Read more–decomposing-bodies-of-missing-Zion-boys-found-in-river#ixzz27PUYIK9x

The angry residents then acted out on their suspicion of a man in the community they think murdered the boys:

Residents in the community fire-bombed a house killing the step-father of a man and injuring his daughter who they accused of sodomising and killing the boys.

News report:

House firebombed in Trelawny, man dead

1:18 pm, Mon September 24, 2012

A man from Zion in Trelawny is dead and his daughter in hospital after their five bedroom board house was fire bombed last night by angry residents.

The dead man is Donovan Hasley.

According to reports, the residents were searching for Mr Hasley’s stepson whom they suspect is responsible for the death of two boys from the community.

The boys – ten year old Alex Brown and seven-year-old Javani Brown  were reported missing from their homes, days before their bodies were found in the Martha Brae river last week Thursday.

Residents from the community reportedly accused the man who lived at Mr Hasley’s premises of sodomising and killing the two boys. 

The residents acting on their suspicion, last night went in search of the man at his parents house.

When they did not find him there, the house was fire bombed and his step father was chopped to death.

His sister who was also injured is now recovering in hospital.

Despite speculation about the cause of the boys’ death, Commander for the Area One Police Division, Assistant Commissioner of Police Devon Watkis says there were no signs of violence and that the deaths appeared to be accidental.   

Read more:

Why didn’t CVM interview the police or mention the police report? Are angry residents who are quick to blame anybody a credible source?

Was CVM not interested in knowing all sides to the story? Is making a news report about two boys being “kidnapped by homosexuals” an attempt to brand homosexuals as being more likely to molest children?

Do you think the Jamaican media is always balanced when reporting on issues relating to homosexuals and homosexuality?

We shall wait on the autopsy report.


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