AGFC’s Letter: Anti-gay Christians threaten free speech

AGFC wrote a letter to the Jamaica Observer recently and it has been published.

It can be found here:

Anti-gay Christians threaten free speech


Dear Editor,

The anti-gay religious extremists will stop at nothing as they resort to worshipping their anti-gay agenda while having forgotten about their Christian God.

Our television stations were recently threatened for having refused to air public service announcements (PSAs) about tolerance for homosexuals because they wanted to obey angry pastors. They also claimed the ads would break laws against homosexuality even though the Broadcasting Commission indicated that the PSAs do not breach any of their regulations or laws of Jamaica.

Do the views of selected groups of pastors now trump constitutional rights to freedom of expression and right to dissemination views and opinions in the media? Would the views of members of the LGBT community be taken into consideration if the anti-gay movement were to make any PSAs for themselves? This is certainly not fair and equal treatment, as the last PSA was amended taking into consideration the concerns of the stations.

The anti-gay Christian movement works tirelessly to victimise themselves and portray the LGBT movement as aggressors coming to take away their freedom of expression and religion in a desperate effort to make people feel sorry for them.

Are they really victims or just latent aggressors themselves? Just two months ago a British filmmaker in Uganda was arrested for airing a play about the conditions of gay people in the country and is now facing two years in a Ugandan prison cell. Moralists in Russia sued Madonna for US $10.5 million in August because she spoke up for gay rights and Ukraine’s parliament currently has a bill to pass into law that would make it a criminal offence to air positive depiction of gays in the media.

The anti-gay movement in Jamaica and abroad has been either silent or has congratulated these countries for standing up against what they call “cultural imperialism”, despite the fact that their buggery laws came from European nations. Apparently “freedom of expression” applies only to the anti-gay movement and Christian supremacists who are obsessed with homosexuality. This is definitely something for journalists to write about whenever they are ready to discuss the LGBT movement. There are two sides to every story. Agreed?


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