Paul Kokoski’s anti-gay ignorance in the Jamaica Observer

Paul Kokoski is an ultra-conservative anti-gay activist who lives in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. He has written many letters to the Jamaican press, often with an extremist tone. He has called gays “Nazis” and has said that the Wests legalisation of homosexuality has led to the “proliferation of crime”. He is probably upset that Canadian values don’t fit so well with his and has started with his international anti-gay “advocacy” such as the letter today in the Observer where he accuses blacks for being racist because they supported Barack Obama despite his stance on abortion and homosexuality.

His letter can be found here:

In his letter he claims:

The US is far from becoming “racism-free”. Ninety-five per cent of blacks in the US voted for President Obama and 99 per cent of blacks in the Carribean support Obama, despite the fact that Obama opposes some moral values of almost all blacks – especially in the area of abortion and homosexuality. This shows that racism is greater now than at any time in history.

Almost all blacks oppose homosexuality? Well as a science and fact based blog we decided to find this out for ourselves and it seems Mr. Kokoski isn’t moving with the times. The Washington Post and ABC News did a poll of Americans after Barack Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage. The question asked was ” Do you think it should be legal or Illegal for gay and lesbian couples to get married?” They got these results:

Fifty-nine percent of blacks now say they support same-sex marriage, an 18-point jump since the president’s announcement of his own support two weeks ago. Fifty-three percent of Americans now believe that same-sex marriage should be legalized, which also marks a substantial spike since 2006, when just 39 percent of those polled thought it should be legalized.”

Fifty-nine percent of blacks said they support same-sex marriage? How is 59% almost all blacks? The shift in opinion is not a surprise as Maryland’s population is 30% African-American and the electorate voted in favour of same-sex marriage in a referendum on election day.

We contacted Mr. Kokoski about this and he had this to say verbatim:

“The huffington Post is a anti-life liberal rag – not to be trusted with the truth. Most people think homos  should be legalized still radically oppose it

Is Paul Kokoski behind the times on social issues in America?

Even though the survey wasn’t done by the Huffington Post but by ABC News and the Washington Post Mr. Kokoski would rather believe his conservative news sources. So we decided to use a Christian website to get the information instead and another Washington Post-ABC survey where they asked about support for same-sex marriage rather than legality as many people who think it should be legal don’t personally support it as Mr. Kokoski said. They got these results.
Fifty-one percent of blacks, 45 percent of Latinos and 47 percent of whites said they oppose gay marriage in the Nov. 7 poll of 1,023 adults. The margin of error for the full sample is 3.5 percentage points.”
Even though the survey showed that a VERY slight majority(51%) of blacks are opposed to same-sex marriage, this is nowhere near ‘almost all blacks’ as Mr. Kokoski claims.
We contacted him again about this and he went on to call blacks who supported same-sex marriage in Maryland “stupid”. This is what he had to say verbatim:
“washington post is yet another liberal rag. Yes they passed it though they oppse [sic] it themselves which just goes t show how stupid people are”
What about his abortion claims? The Washington Post did another poll:
Two-thirds (67 percent) of black Americans said that abortion should be legal in all or most cases, compared to less than half of Hispanic Americans (46 percent). Among black Americans, 30 percent said it should be illegal in all or most cases, compared to 51 percent of Hispanics.”
Can anti-gay activists be trusted when they only read conservative news sources in their conservative Christian information bubble?

2 responses to “Paul Kokoski’s anti-gay ignorance in the Jamaica Observer”

  1. Dr Stephen Moreton says :

    I have been following Kokoski for some time. He is a vile and hateful bigot who has been using bogus statistics and discredited sources to vilify gay people for years. Often it is the same old rubbish regurgitated over and over again, so I have checked out his claims and, when he started posting an article “Godless homosexuality” in various places, I wrote a detailed rebuttal in September 2012. You can find it here:

    In case that link disappears in future, I’ll copy my rebuttal here too. Feel free to use the information it contains to answer this creep at every opportunity.

    Lies, damned lies, and Paul Kokoski.
    Paul Kokoski stopped writing original material years ago, so it is no surprise that he recycles his old articles. Thus the contents of his diatribe “Godless homosexuality” have already appeared in multiple publications and websites, as an internet search will reveal. What is surprising is that he would dare repeat the same old lies when he knows full well that lies is exactly what they are.
    I debunked many of his claims in April when he peddled them here: His feeble response proves that he read mine, but he could not refute my allegations.
    For example, his claim that, “A 1988 study of 229 convicted child molesters published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour found that 86% of paedophiles described themselves as homosexual or bisexual” is a lie. There is no polite way of saying it. It is a lie. It was 86 % of those who had offended against boys who so described themselves, but most had offended against girls. As only 63 had offended against boys the correct figure should be 23.6 %. But even then it was a reference to their preferred gender of child, and says nothing about their interest (if any) in adults. For all we know they could have been enthusiastic heterosexual Casanovas who also abused boys. It would be difficult to find a clearer example of lying with statistics.
    The deceit does not stop there. He claims, “Gay activists Jay and Young also reported in 1979 that 23% of gay men preyed on adolescent or younger boys” but Kokoski does not tell us that Jay and Young’s 16 page questionnaire attracted a mere 1 % response rate, and nearly half of those respondents were subscribers to a porn magazine. A more biased data set would be hard to come across. As the authors conceded, they did not have “a scientific or representative sample of lesbians and gay men”. A caveat overlooked by Kokoski. It is telling that Kokoski scrapes this shoddy “study” out of his barrel. He has to. Quality, peer-reviewed research does not support his claims, as we shall see.
    He attributes a claim “that 37% of all gay men admitted to having sex with children under 17 years of age” to Alfred Kinsey. But this comes just after telling us that Kinsey’s “data was fraudulently skewered by blatant population sampling bias and the badgering, and even bribing, of its imprisoned and largely otherwise institutionalized subjects.” If Kinsey’s work is that bad why does Koksoki cite it?
    If Kokoski bothered to look at some proper research, instead of shoddy work, and do so without misrepresenting it, he would know that gay men are no more likely to abuse boys than heterosexual men. When responses to erotic stimuli are objectively measured it is found that gay men are no more aroused by underage boys than straight men are by underage girls (Journal of Sex Research, 26(1), 1989, p. 107-117). A 1978 study of 175 child sex offenders in Massachusetts found not a single gay man in the group (Archives of Sexual Behavior, 7(3), 1978, p. 175-181). A review of 269 cases of molestation in Denver found only two of the perpetrators that could be identified as possibly gay or lesbian (Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 18(1), 1992, p. 34-43). One of the authors described the notion that gay men are more likely to abuse children as a “myth”. Researchers in the field are agreed that there is no such link, but hate literature abounds in which bogus “studies” are cited, or legitimate ones misrepresented, to portray gays as a threat to children. It is all disturbingly reminiscent of the old libel that Jews sacrificed children. Now it’s gays abuse them.
    Kokoski cites Michelle Cretalla of the discredited and bogus outfit the American College of Pediatricians. When this roughly 200-strong fringe group hiding behind a pretentious name, set up a website and sent out their homophobic hate-literature to thousands of USA schools in 2010, they were promptly denounced for multiple distortions and misrepresentations of the scientific literature on sexuality, and the 60,000 strong professional body, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a statement distancing itself from its pretentious near namesake and accusing it of ignoring the science.
    Kokoski also misrepresents the Laumann report, which does NOT say what he claims it does. In fact the words Kokoski uses to misrepresent it are not even his own, but are copied from an article by Jeffery Satinover – another fringe source regarded as lacking credibility by most workers in the field of human sexuality.
    In fact one of the few scientists Kokoski cites who can also be regarded as credible is Francis Collins. But then Kokoski misrepresents Collins who has at least twice complained about his words on homosexuality being taken out of context. Collins actually said that genes do contribute to homosexuality, but are probabilistic, rather than deterministic. They increase the chances of someone being gay, but don’t determine it on their own.
    Kokoski asserts that statistics “which compare homosexuals with ethnic minorities exposed to racism” indicate that increased rates of psychiatric problems are not due to discrimination, but neglects to reveal his source. It does not stand up anyway as gays face difficulties not encountered by racial minorities. Racial minorities do not face rejection by their own families, by their faith communities, or face discrimination enshrined in law. Gays encounter all these difficulties. Anyone trying the “it can’t be homophobia” argument by comparison with racism does not understand what it is like to be gay.
    Kokoski is lying with statistics to slander a vulnerable group. This distasteful practice has a long and ignoble history. Bogus data “proving” that blacks, Jews, or others, are inferior, has long been popular with racists and eugenicists. Kokoski’s pseudoscientific vilification of gays belongs to the same repugnant genre.

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